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Our brand new waterfowl podcast is coming soon! If you like to chase the migration up and down the flyways of North America, then subscribe to this podcast! We’ll talk ducks, geese, migration news, research data, tips and more on this show. Here’s a sample of what you can expect. Share this podcast with other […]


All About Waterfowl

North American Waterfowl is all about ducks, geese, hunting, retrievers, slough smells, wild game cooking, decoy spreads, calling and more. We will bring you podcasts, videos, blogs and more.

Our content features waterfowl news, stories, tips, migration updates and more from guides, experts, biologists and other duck-crazy people like us! Hosted by Bret Amundson who welcomes guest from all walks of life in the waterfowl world.

Hosted by Bret Amundson


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As the birds move, so will we. We’ll feature guests up and down the flyways.

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The North American Waterfowl Podcast is a part of the Sporting Journal Radio Family, a division of Mikaba, LLC.


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